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  •     Sash window renovation
  •     Draught proofing
  •     Release of sticking or jamming sashes
  •     Secondary glazing
  •     Adding new window furniture
  •     Adding new window locks
  •     Installing new sills or complete new sash windows
  •     Sash cord replacement
  •     Weight balancing


  •     Screen relocation
  •     Screen hanging
  •     Surface-mounted conduit installation
  •     Recessing cable within a wall
  •     Projector installation
  •     LCD screen installation


  •     Concrete hearth removal
  •     Stripping and levelling of floors
  •     Hand stripping if required
  •     Gap filling
  •     Floor sanding
  •     Floor staining; choice of 77 colours!
  •     Varnishing/Lacquering
  •     Waxing/Oiling
  •     Painting
  •     Buffing/Polishing
  •     Repair of damaged boards
  •     Replacement with reclaimed boards/blocks
  •     Supply of reclaimed boards and blocks
  •     Staircases included 

About us

7dayhandyman are a group of highly knowledgeable tradesmen and craftspeople which between them have over 40 years experience within the domestic renovation and repair trades. We have a breadth of skills which we use to the benefit of our customers and we offer our advice freely and generously. We work on the basis of taking on all the small, fiddly and tricky jobs that traditional tradesmen don't want to get involved with. See our full list of services offered. Between us, we can also offer our customers many traditional skills that have been all but lost. Maybe you own an older property and are looking for someone to carry out the smaller tasks around you house showing degree of sympathy to the fabric of the building? If so, we're your team! Rather than cutting corners and patching things up; we take the time over skilled tasks such as sash window repair, floor sanding, picture hanging and other projects that require care and attention to detail. Of course, we can still help day-to-day needs such as sorting out a dripping tap, a jamming door or other odd jobs . . . right through to offering a full property maintenance service!

Full list of Our Services:

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  •     Plumbing-in of sinks
  •     Changing taps
  •     Fixing leaks
  •     Replacing washers
  •     Repairing flush mechanism
  •     Replacing ball valves
  •     Installing washing machines
  •     Installing dishwashers
  •     Installing fridges
  •     Replacing/adding lights
  •     Replacing/adding light switches
  •     Replacing/adding sockets
  •     Replacing/repairing extractor fans
  •     Easing jammed doors
  •     Hanging pictures or mirrors
  •     Putting up shelves
  •     Putting up curtain rails
  •     Fitting blinds or curtains
  •     Assembling flat-pack furniture
  •     Installing mains circuits
  •     Changing locks
  •     Hanging doors
  •     General trouble shooting
  •     Moving furniture within a room
  •     Moving furniture from room to room
  •     Garden clearance
  •     Erecting of fencing
  •     Fitting/repair of external taps


  •     Stripping wallpaper
  •     Wallpapering
  •     Paint effects
  •     Removing old paint
  •     Painting
  •     Tiling
  •     Repairing paint/plaster
  •     Repairing/refreshing old grout
  •     Re-sealing throughout bathroom/kitchens
  •     Staining/varnishing doors and skirtings