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Handyman Services

   How much does your service cost?

We charge £40 for the first half hour. Subsequently it's £25 per half hour. Evening and weekend work is charged at 50% extra.

   Does this cost include materials?

No - materials are extra. Most customers prefer to use us as a labour-only service. However, we are happy to purchase parts or materials if required. W obviously pass the cost of this purchase on to our customers, as well as a small charge for sourcing the product travelling to collect it.

   Do your handymen come with all the right tools?

Yes they do. All 7dayhandyman staff carry a full range of tools designed to tackle the majority of small and medium-sized tasks. They also carry a wide selection of smaller parts to enable them to undertake ad hoc odd jobs; screws, nails, tacks, wall plugs, plumbing connections and wiring.

   Do you charge for your estimates?

No we don't! For most jobs we should be able to give you a relatively clear idea during our telephone conversation of how long a job should take. Once you book your handyman and he arrives at your home, he will confirm or revise the estimate based on his findings. If it is clearly going to take a lot longer than expected, and you decide not to go ahead, we won't charge you anything for the visit. If you are happy to go ahead then our handyman will do the job there and then as booked. For larger projects, such as installing a new bathroom, we would usually carry out an initial site visit to enable us to give you an accurate estimate.

   Are you insured?

Yes, we carry £2m of public liability insurance.

   How quickly can you attend?

We are not really an emergency call out service - almost all of our work is booked in advance. Usual timescales are between 2 days and a week in advance. However, we can often squeeze a job in on the same day as it is booked. If you need a same-day or emergency service it's worth calling us to check availability.

   What size of jobs can you take on?

The work we carry out generally ranges in timescale from 30 minutes to a day. Occasionally we work on larger projects which last several days such as working through a long 'snagging' list for customers who have had major building work carried out. For any projects lasting longer than 5 working days, you are better off using specialist tradesmen working in their field of expertise.

   How can I pay you for the work you do?

We can accept cash, cheque or credit card.

   Do you do office work or just domestic jobs?

7dayhandyman often work for offices and businesses large and small. Many companies use us to take care of their everyday maintenance requirements. Working with us is very easy, there is no formal account-opening procedure, just call us during officer hours on 020 8168 1515, tell us what you need doing, and we will send a tradesman to your premises. We will invoice you after the work has been completed; all we ask is that our invoices are paid within 28 days.

If you need a regular contract (for instance, once a week or once a month) then we arrange that for you. Additionally we are able to offer significant discounts off our standard rates. Please call 7dayhandyman free on 020 8168 1515 to discuss your requirements with one of our team.

Wood Floor Sanding

   Is the process dusty?

The simple answer is, unfortunately, yes! Although all 7dayhandyman sanding machines are able to collect the majority of the dust produced, there will always be some dust present. To minimise the mess, we will use dust sheets and masking tape to seal up any spaces and openings that need to be kept dust-free. We also continually vacuum the floor during sanding. However, you should remove any items from the room that you want to avoid cleaning afterwards.

   How long will sanding my floors take?

Sanding floors is a skilled job so the process will never take less than a day, larger areas or multiple rooms may take several days. You will need to ensure that the area due to be sanded will be free of foot traffic for the duration. 7dayhandyman will discuss approximate timings with you during your free consultation.

   Should I move the furniture in the room?

Areas which are due to be sanded should be clear of all furniture before we start work. The furniture will need to remain off the floor for 24 hours after the final coat of varnish is applied, this will allow it to reach full strength and to dry sufficiently.

If you need assistance to move any furniture 7dayhandyman can discuss your exact requirements with you at our initial consultation.

   Is sanding and floor renovation noisy?

The preparation process and the sanding process are both very noisy. Our professional sanding machines have powerful electric motors and are far louder than ordinary D.I.Y. power tools. The manufacturers recommend that the operators wear ear protectors.

   Should I have my floors sanded before or after I decorate?

7dayhandyman recommend that sanding is always the last stage in the interior decoration process. It is much easier to remove sanding dust from a freshly painted wall (as long as it is completely dry) than it is to remove paint from a freshly finished wooden floor!

   Do you use any harmful chemicals?

Unless otherwise requested by our customers, 7dayhandyman use only water-based varnishes which are odour free and non-toxic. If gap-filling is required we use a solvent-based resin which needs careful handling and good ventilation, as the fumes can quickly become overpowering.

   Why do you use a stain and a varnish? Why not just use a coloured varnish?

If you are looking to change the colour of your base floor, for instance darkening a pine floor you need to consider staining the floor prior to varnishing. 7dayhandyman always recommend staining and varnishing if required, takes place in two stages rather than using a coloured varnish. You will maintain far greater control over the colour this way and also durability is enhanced because as the protective varnish or sealer gradually wears over the years it will not affect the floor colour which will remain beneath it.

Sash Window Repair

   How secure will my home be during the renovation process?

7dayhandyman take the security of your home and possessions very seriously. Whilst our craftsmen are on site your home will never be left unattended. In the event of them having to leave site for any reason, everything will be fully secured before they do so.

Windows will be returned into position at the end of each working day. Furthermore, because we recommend additional security fixings your windows and home will be more secure when we have completed our work than when we started!

   Can I have double-glazed sheets of glass installed into my existing sash windows?

Yes, in most cases it is possible, but it will depend on the thickness of your frame and glazing bars as some old or very fine windows will not support the additional weight and thickness. 7dayhandman will assess your windows and advise.

The additional glass will obviously add weight to the sash so this will need to be addressed with the addition of extra lead weights to balance the window. However you may wish to consider the fact that by installing additional draught-proofing around the perimeter of the windows, meaning there may be no need for double-glazing at all.

   Should I replace my existing wooden sashes with newly-constructed timber windows?

7dayhandyman's policy is always try to repair existing sashes unless your windows are in a very bed state of repair and will require an extensive and prohibitively expensive rebuild, this is what we will always recommend. We are usually able to either scarf in new wood in place of the rotten sections or alternatively we'll use heavy-duty wood filler to repair the damaged area; this will bond to the wood around it giving durability, strength and will be indistinguishable from the original.

   Is there much disruption during installation?

The Company want to ensure the minimum of disruption and inconvenience but inevitably there will be some disruption. An installation schedule is discussed with all customers upon commencement to inform them of which windows will be renovated and on which day. During installation our renovation team contain themselves to one room at a time (all work is carried out internally), dust sheets are placed around surrounding areas and on completion of the relevant sash windows they will tidy and vacuum each room. Some customers have even commented on how clean their house was left (see customer testimonials.)

   Why shouldn't I just replace my sash windows with plastic ones?

7dayhandyman are passionate about retaining as much character within a home as is possible, and sash windows are an integral part of this. They speak volumes about our architectural heritage and retaining them maintains not only the character of your property but will increase its value! However, the perception that plastic windows are maintenance free is completely untrue.

Many original sash windows have typically withstood at least a hundred years of use and will continue to outlive environmentally-unsound, plastic substitutes. With a little maintenance over the years and now the ability to install draught proofing, your sash windows will work as beautifully as they look.

LCD TV and Plasma Screen Installation

   Is it OK to mount my Plasma or LCD on a plasterboard wall?

Yes 7dayhandyman will mount a plasma or LCD screen onto a plasterboard stud wall or dry lined wall because we ensure the correct type of bracket and fixings are always used. It's important to spread the load across the plasterboard evenly by fixing into metal or wooden studs. Our brackets have broad footprint which means we can easily locate the studs at the same time as maintaining the screen position.

   Do I need a mains socket behind the screen?

Not necessarily. We can run long mains cables through the wall to a mains socket within reasonable proximity.

   Can a plasma or LCD screen be mounted above a working fireplace?

Yes. Under normal circumstances, if the fireplace has a mantlepiece to deflect the heat there should not be a problem mounting above a fireplace. Gas effect fires generate little upward heat so rarely present a problem. Real fires obviously use a live flame and generate more heat, therefore more care needs to be taken. If in doubt please call us or email us an image of your fireplace and we can advise.

   Do you have insurance?

Yes, we have public liability insurance up £2,000,000.00.

   Do you carry out electrical work?

Yes, we do. If you require any electrical work please contact us for a separate estimate; we will send over one of our 7dayhandyman electrical specialist to help you.

   Can you supply leads and wall brackets?

Yes, 7dayhandyman hold stock of most types of cabling including; Scart, HDMI, DVI, RCA, Component, SVHS, Optical, Aerial, satellite, VGA. We can also supply our own brackets suitable for most screens from small LCDs, LED to large 50" flat screens.

    Can I provide my own bracket and leads?

Of course you can. We will fit any of your own parts. However these parts, not being supplied by us, will have to be excluded from our warranty.