Plasma TV Installations / LCD Screen Installation

7DayHandyman can install your Plasma TV or LCD screen/monitor to the highest possible standards, ensuring it is securely fixed to the wall and all cables are installed according to your instructions. Several levels of installation are available, see below. Brackets are assembled or alternatively we can supply fully-assembled wall-hanging brackets (available at additional cost). Our handymen carry a full range of ancillary items such as wall brackets, power cabling, temporary aerials, scart leads and HDMI leads. If these have not, for some reason been supplied with your equipment, we are able to help and can simply add the cost of one or more of these items to our final bill.

Get Professional Plasma TV Installation

Plasma TVs have ushered in a new era of home entertainment. Little wonder then that more and more home owners are choosing Plasma TVs over any other kind. However, the thing with Plasma TV is that they need a professional Plasma TV install. Thankfully, there are handyman services that can take care of this aspect for you to your satisfaction.

Installing a Plasma TV

A Plasma TV has to be wall mounted and this is where you need professional help. While a regular TV can simply be placed on a table top, counter top or on a TV shelf and plugged in, Plasma TV installation is a little more complicated. Not only does the TV need to be mounted on the walls using brackets, its wires too have to be taken care of to ensure that they are not left hanging.

The Many Options

Once the Plasma installation is done, you have many options of what to do with the wires. You can have them fixed to the wall with clips, or have them encased in plastic conduits which are fixed to the wall and can be painted over to a color of your choice. The third option is to create a channel by cutting into the plaster, placing the wires and then closing it up again with plaster. You will need to choose which option is the most suitable for your needs.

Handyman Services

You will need a handyman service that is expert at handling all three types of Plasma TV installations, if you are not yet sure which one is best suited to you. They should be able to offer you expert advice and consultations, keeping in mind both your needs and your budget. Also, if there are any parts missing with your original equipment, they should be able to easily provide you with a replacement.


• LEVEL I CABLE INSTALL Cables are stretched taut and fixed to the wall with clips.

• LEVEL II CABLE INSTALL Cables are stretched taut and encased in discreet square, white, plastic conduit which is fixed to the wall and can be painted to a colour of your choice.

• LEVEL III CABLE INSTALL A channel is cut into the plaster and the cable is recessed within the channel.The groove is then plastered over to a smooth finish. Once the cabling is hidden according to your requirements we will mount the tv on the wall and connect all cables and fittings.

We will then power up the screen to check that the unit is functioning fully and demonstrate this to you.

Before our team leave your premises, they will fully clean and tidy the work area.

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