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Sash Window Restoration & Repair Services  

Do your sash window rattle? Are they draughty?

Maybe they stick when you try to open them or the weights bang about in the sash box? Possibly they've been painted shut over the years. If these are problems you are currently experiencing then 7dayhandyman have the team for you!

Depending on the extent of work needing to be done our team of specialist window restorers and renovators will carry out a combination the following activities.

This will happen in full consultation with you the customer, and approvals will be requested before we proceed with the renovation.

  •     Remove sashes from window opening
  •     Visual check of condition of window surround wood and sash wood
  •     Check condition of sash cords - replace with new cords
  •     Check condition of pulleys. Lubricate if required
  •     Re-align and balance weights
  •     Renew head and parting beads
  •     Secondary glaze the window
  •     Full draught-proofing service

Need Help With Maintaining Sash Windows?

It is true that while sash windows are beautiful to behold, they can also be difficult to maintain. However, it is a little rash to remove the sash windows just because they need a little upkeep. What you need instead is handyman services you can depend on to fully take care of your sash windows and its maintenance, including sash window repairs, restoration and renovation. Thankfully, such services are possible to find.

Sash Window Repairs
Sometimes, there can be just a minor problem with your sash window, but it would take an expert to identify and repair it. Maybe it is just the pulleys that need lubrication or the weights that need to be aligned or balanced. A good handyman service would be able to look into your problem, identify it and undertake any sash window repair that is required.

Sash Window Restoration

Many houses in London are old and architecturally beautiful and most of them have sash windows. If you have just bought or rented an old house and want to restore it to its original beauty, you are sure to want to have the sash windows in place. What you will need is a handyman service that can undertake sash window restoration so that they not only restored to their former charm, but that they are also in perfect working condition.

Sash Window Renovation
Passage of time, disuse or neglect can tell on the appearance and working of sash windows. With the kind of weather that London is exposed to, it is imperative that all windows are in perfect condition and drought proofed. What you need is a handyman service that can undertake the complete sash window restoration right from replacing the sashes to double glazing the windows and drought proofing them.